Federal Prisons for Women Class Action


Valent Legal has commenced a class action against the Attorney General of Canada on behalf of a class of current and former prisoners of Federal Corrections Institutions designated for women who allege to have been subjected to sexual assault, sexual misconduct, and sex-based discrimination committed by correctional staff and/or management.

The Class Action alleges that Correctional Services of Canada (“CSC”), and its employees, to have been systemically negligent by failing to take appropriate steps to ensure that prisoners would not be sexually victimized, and failing to ensure that adequate avenues for reporting existed. It alleges that these failures are the result of a sexualized and discriminatory culture in such prisons for women. The Class Actions also alleges that CSC, through its employees, has breached various rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Valent Legal is working on this Class Action in collaboration with the Elizabeth Fry Society. To speak to a representative from the Elizabeth Fry Society please contact: Emma Halpern, Elizabeth Fry Society of Mainland NS, 902-221-5851.


Notice of Action



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