Resources / Helpful Links

Being injured in an accident is tough enough. It should not be made tougher by trying to navigate the system and find support entirely on your own. As experienced personal injury lawyers, we see it as our job to provide exceptional assistance. Because we’ve helped hundreds of injured people, we have an understanding of what information and resources you may need.

Below, we've gathered some helpful links to websites and online forms that you may need if you have been injured in an accident in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or PEI. Hopefully some of these medical, legal, and financial resources can help you, as you cope and recover.

Medical and Support Resources

We’ve gathered links to several medical resources that may be helpful for an injured person. There are also a wide variety of support resources available to help you and your family, and we've included some here.

Accident Benefit Forms

Nova Scotia drivers have Accident Benefits through section B of their insurance policy. These benefits are paid to an injured person, regardless of who caused the accident. The insurance company should give you medical and rehabilitation expense benefits, funeral expense benefits, and loss of income benefits. A more detailed explanation about these benefits can be found here

For your convenience, we've gathered some of the forms that you and your treatment providers will be asked to fill out so that you can receive medical and income replacement benefits.

We'd be happy to mail you any of these forms as well.  We suggest that you have your lawyer review the forms with you before they are sent to the insurance company. 

Legal Resources

Legal responsibilities are often set out in legislation and in cases that have been decided before the courts or a tribunal (this is called ‘case law’ or ‘precedent’). Here are some resources that may be relevant to you if you've been injured through the fault of another. A personal injury lawyer can help you understand how they may apply to your situation.

Financial Resources

In addition to everything else, an injury can be really tough, financially, for you and your family. This is certainly true before your lawsuit has settled. Fortunately there are some resources available to lessen the financial strain, and we’ve included some helpful links below.