What Will a Birth Injury Settlement Mean for Your Family?

What Will a Birth Injury Settlement Mean for Your Family? blog image

If your newborn baby sustains a birth injury, your life will change drastically. Your situation, and that of your child’s, will look a lot different from what you had envisioned for your family. This is a very difficult situation to face, and it will take time to adjust to your newfound reality.

The process can be challenging and emotional, and parents will look for a way to find a sense of closure as they grieve the loss of the life they had envisioned for their child. 

On the Road to Recovery

Contacting a birth injury lawyer is one step you can take on the road to healing, as they can help file a lawsuit against the medical providers whose negligence either caused or contributed to the birth injury.

A settlement may provide your family with financial resources to help you and your child, and a reputable lawyer will tell you what you can expect and how to proceed with your case. In addition to helping you obtain a birth injury settlement, they will also connect you with resources and peer support groups because a financial settlement is often not enough to deal with this traumatic event.

The Impact of a Birth Injury

A birth injury will change your future, especially if it causes permanent or significant disability. Parents and loved ones will respond differently to this unexpected situation. Some will push ahead and face this challenge, while others will struggle with the adjustment.

Parents will have to face the financial costs that arise when caring for a child with a disability, and will need to schedule ongoing therapy sessions and invest in home renovations and specialized mobility or other equipment to help the child feel comfortable in their home.

Long-Term Disability: The Emotional Significance

Families may experience significant financial strain along with exhaustion and compassion fatigue because of the time commitment required to care for a child with a severe disability. Some parents may need to give up their job, and all of these changes can cause your relationships and your mental health to suffer as a result of financial and emotional stress. 

Sadness, guilt, blame and anger are all common feelings in these situations as families adjust to their new life and learn how to care for a child with a disability.

Potential Disability Assistance

A lawsuit may be necessary to obtain sufficient funds for the child’s special needs, and many parents will also view this step as a way to get a sense of justice for their child and their family. 

Experienced birth injury lawyers will guide you through this process and will help you manage your expectations. Even if you do receive a financial settlement, you may still feel a sense of disappointment.

Some parents may view the money as a form of apology for what happened, while others may feel unfulfilled, especially if the settlement does not include an apology or a formal admission of negligence. 


Are you looking for a birth injury lawyer? Valent Legal will help you during this very difficult process, and our team will help you seek closure. We have years of experience obtaining settlements from birth injury lawsuits and understand that a financial reward will not alleviate the emotional and physical stress parents feel, nor will it resolve feelings of anger and sadness.

Birth Injury Lawyer in Nova Scotia

Our law firm is committed to helping our clients move forward, and we will suggest resources to help you and your loved ones. We provide more than legal services, and in addition to helping you obtain a fair settlement, our client liaisons will also connect you with support groups and different types of counselling.

Contact our birth injury lawyers today to further discuss your case and what you can expect from a lawsuit settlement: Call +1-902-443-4488.


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