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The compassionate Nova Scotia sexual assault lawyers at Valent Legal strongly believe that survivors deserve answers and justice. We know that sexual abuse can take many forms, and we’ve seen firsthand the physical and emotional scars that survivors are forced to deal with, often for the rest of their lives. In most cases, the attacker is someone who the survivor knew and trusted. This often makes it difficult for survivors to speak up about the abuse they’ve suffered, whether due to shame, fear of retaliation, or other concerns. Other times, survivors feel that they are to blame for their assault and, not only does it deter them from seeking help, but it causes them additional trauma.

We’re here to be your voice and advocate during this challenging time.

We provide sexual abuse survivors with more than just legal representation. We’re here to listen and give you the respect and support you deserve. Our sexual assault lawyers know that the decision to take action can be difficult. We’ll give you the knowledge and information to make the choice that is best for you.

The courts in Nova Scotia recognize the lasting damage that sexual assault has on a person. The law provides many avenues for you to pursue justice, should you so choose. While nothing can erase the past, taking legal action can hold the individual responsible accountable for their actions, and could help you get the financial compensation you need to seek treatment and live with dignity moving forward.

Contact us to speak with a caring and compassionate member of our team about your options, and choose what is right for you. There is no obligation to hire us. If you choose to work with our team, we will work on a contingency-fee-basis. This means that you won’t pay us anything unless, and until, we win your case.

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If you’ve been the victim of sexual abuse and sexual assault in Nova Scotia, you have a few legal options for holding the responsible party accountable and getting the justice you deserve.

  • Criminal Charges – One option is to pursue criminal charges against your assailant. To do so, you must call the police and provide a statement about what happened. They will investigate your claims, and if there is enough evidence, they will arrest the individual. The Crown Attorney’s office will bring charges against the defendant and they could face punishment for their actions.
  • Civil Action – Nova Scotia law allows victims of abuse and sexual assault to bring a claim in civil court against their abuser or the institution that employed them. This action is entirely separate from any criminal case against them and is designed to get you the compensation you deserve for the abuse you’ve endured.

In most cases, victims of assault and abuse will file a claim on their own, but if there are multiple victims, the survivors may choose to band together and file a class-action against the individual or institution. It is vital that you contact an experienced sexual abuse lawyer to better understand all the options available to you.

Compensation in Sexual Assault Cases

At Valent Legal, our sexual abuse lawyers know that no amount of money can undo the suffering you’ve endured. The reason why we are passionate about defending the rights of victims like you is that we’ve seen the good that can come from successful civil action. Not only can sexual assault survivors regain a measure of justice and dignity when they’ve held their abuser accountable, but the financial compensation they recover can help them rebuild their lives and begin the healing process.

In general, you could be eligible to recover compensation for losses including:

  • Ongoing medical treatment costs
  • Counseling and therapy
  • Financial losses, including unfinished education or lost job opportunities
  • Emotional and psychological distress

The law will take the following into account when determining the type and amount of compensation you could recover in a sexual assault case:

  • The impact the assault has had on your ability to work and support yourself
  • Treatment that you have sought or are currently seeking
  • Your personal situation, particularly compared to others in your family
  • Your current personal life and family life

We know that survivors must carry the long-term consequences of the abuse with them, and we’re here to help remove whatever burden and stress that we can from your shoulders. It’s our goal to help you get justice and compensation so that you can move on with your life and look forward to a brighter future.

Is There a Time Limit on Sexual Assault Claims?

The time limit for filing sexual abuse and assault claims in Nova Scotia has been removed entirely. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should wait to take legal action against the person who abused you.

Keep in mind that the longer you wait, the more challenging it can be to prove your claim. Vital evidence can be lost, destroyed, or altered. Witnesses may move away, pass away, or their memories may fade. The responsible party themselves might not be present to face the allegations.

If you’re unsure about how to take legal action, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The decision to come forward is not one to be taken lightly. Once you speak to an understanding member of the Valent Legal team, you’ll feel better knowing that you have a passionate advocate on your side.

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Take the first step toward getting the justice you deserve by calling our Nova Scotia sexual abuse lawyers at Valent Legal today. The decision is yours and yours alone. When you’re ready, we’ll be prepared to provide you with compassionate and knowledgeable legal counsel to arm you with the information you’ll need to make the right choice for yourself.

If you decide to bring a civil action against the party that abused you or the institution that enabled them, we’ll be right by your side every step of the way. We are here to listen to you and be your voice at the negotiating table and in the courtroom.

Contact us by calling us or by filling out a contact form or chatting with us live. There is no risk to call us, and our consultations are 100% free and completely confidential. Together, we can send a message that sexual assault will not be tolerated, and there are very real consequences for those who do this to others. Let us help you get justice.

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