"Valent had amazing reviews and I got in touch with Phil. After we chatted, I knew he was going to be supportive the whole way and the team at Valent Legal made me feel very welcome. They were extremely professional. I got the feeling that they were going to put all of their effort into it, and I was right at the end of the day."

- Emma

"If you're in a tragic situation, you're stuck, and need an accident lawyer, I can recommend Valent, wholeheartedly."

- Kai

"They never rushed for a settlement. They were making [us] offers in the beginning. [Valent] told them, “No, this is a head injury. We can’t rush this stuff.” And they were right in the end. So, I totally recommend them, and I totally thank them because my family’s life is a whole lot better now than it was going to be."

- Pat

"I mean, there's just no way to explain how our experience with Valent Legal has made moving forward possible. I can't thank them enough."

- Erin

Getting you back to business.

Nobody wants to be away from work due to an injury, that’s why
our team is dedicated to helping you get back to business.


"Basia made me feel like someone was there for me, that I wasn't alone, and that I'm not alone in this. She helped me every step of the way and kept me in the loop from day one to the last day, where I came in to sign papers. When I went from feeling alone to someone having my back, I felt very appreciated."

- Nathan

"I don't have a lot of money. What type of lawyer can I get that will let me pay them if I get paid? And then I called Valent Legal. Everyone was professional, very friendly, makes you feel at ease when you walk in the door. She made me feel like I was a person and not a legal case. We talked like best friends. She made me feel comfortable."

- Crystal

"Well, I definitely would recommend [Valent Legal]. I mean, [they] definitely helped me more than I thought I could ever be helped. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart."

- Allister

Great team at Valent legal. Tom Champion of Valent, recently represented me for a personal injury claim, and Tom was great to deal with, always made me feel like I was in the loop, answered all my questions, couldn't of had a better experience from my end. Thanks Tom

- Shawn S.




"I called the team here at Valent Legal, they helped me out a lot and have really reduced the stress and feeling, they really made me feel like I'm a top priority and I just want to say thank you. Valent"

- Morgan

"The lawyer at Valent Legal kept me going a little bit, he got me positive, he got me looking forward to something. I could now get in the shower which I couldn't before, I can now have my kids live with me, which was a major prayer"

- Terry

"Valent was amazing, even though the case is over. I'm still so grateful with Valent Legal and I definitely recommend them"

- Jennifer

"I got introduced to Valent, they led me to all the experts, after that they really found what was going on with me and I was able to recover from there, thank you, Valent"

- Connor

"With the help of Valent Legal, they helped guide me in the process of what should be covered by medical insurance and what should be covered by car insurance, I had a lot of questions as a mother who had children with medical needs that needed to be covered and they were always there to answer them and to help guide me. Thank you to everyone at Valent Legal for always answering my calls, my emails, and all my questions. Thank you for keeping the best interest of myself and my children and for all the help that you have given us"

- Janiessa

"When you need advice or legal representation, where do you go? Well I had a situation that I needed advice with and I didn't know who to call either. I did a search and up popped "Valent Legal" though why not cause you can ask questions and it was free lol I came to know one of the lawyers at the firm by phone and told him (Phil Moreira) about my situation and I needed advice. I know you are all thinking that goes everything that maybe coming to me cause I said the word "Lawyer " .... at Valent Legal, he listened to me, we conversed in email or over the phone. He treated me as an individual and not just a person that was going to get money from because he was taking a case. He asked me lots of questions and I did the same, if you don't understand then ASK questions so that you understand! Phil was prompt on returning my calls or emails and did mind the many questions I would have asked. He explained to me the many sides of the situation I was in and what sort of outcome it may or may not result in. When you have a person with so much knowledge and information at your side it is appreciated cause you know if anything arises, you can call and ask him or his colleagues! They treat you like part of their family and you are taken care of. Thank you Phil and for all your work and listening. Now I can say, I have people and I know who to call for advise. Customer Service and understanding is top rate @valentlegal.ca Thanks again Phil!"

- Shelia W.

"I had a good experience with this office Kelsey was very helpful to my claim processed and to get a result as quickly as possible. She and her assistant Willa was very helpful as well and was a great go-between when Kelsey was in court. All my questions were answered and I appreciated the understanding for me and my position. I would recommend this firm."

- Colleen F.

"Mike Dull was a beacon of hope at a time when my options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed unlikely. His calm style offered emotional support and his empathetic demeanor made it easy for him to understand my needs. His attention to detail as we walked this emotional journey together was second to none. I am blessed to have such a knowledgeable person in my corner. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone seeking justice."

- Tracy S.

"Mike, Phil and Kelsey are incredibly dedicated, compassionate lawyers. I would have no hesitation recommending this firm to my friends and family, knowing they would be in such good hands."

- Grace A.

"I attribute Mike Dull's professionalism, knowledge, attentiveness and his regard for due process, for the positive outcome in a case of personal injury, concerning our elderly Mother.  As a result of an incident at a Retirement Residence our Mother received decreased mobility and increased dementia symptoms which otherwise, she would not have incurred.  Consequently, an advanced level of care became necessary and we felt it important to pursue the matter for some form of compensation. Mike was key in his role as a personal injury lawyer to achieve that outcome for us."

- Karen M.

"I'm so glad I had Mike Dull as my lawyer. I had never been in a car accident and he was great to work with. Best in his profession and I'd recommend him to anyone in the Halifax area."

- Heather S.

"My wife was in a car accident and we turned to Valent Legal for help based on their great reviews. It was a great decision. We were really happy with the settlement but also how they treated her. Highly recommend."

- Douglas K.

"Chuck Ford’s in-depth knowledge of Long-Term Disability claims and the insurance world gave me confidence in his ability to successfully fight my legal battles with my private insurance company. He provided honest opinions about the strengths and weaknesses in my case and valuable insight on the impact that would have on outcomes. Chuck and his team welcomed my knowledge of my injuries and ongoing battles and showed concern for my personal needs. They were timely to respond and adjusted tactics to the circumstances of my case. More than anything Chuck provided options with pros/cons and probable likelihoods to help me understand the process and make an informed decision on my desired outcome. I highly recommend his legal services to anyone needing help fighting for a Long-Term Disability Claim, I’m certainly glad I didn’t try to tackle it on my own."

- Stephanie L.

"Mike helped me with an abuse case. He was very good. Very happy with the settlement. Everyone at the law firm was very nice and understanding. These guys are the best."

- John C.

"Valent Legal is an impressive law firm. They take time to collect all data, facts, information, etc before making decisions. Compassion and respect for clients is outstanding and appreciated. I absolutely recommend Valent Legal."

- Dona P.

"Amazing service from Phil Moreira at Valent Legal who represented me on a personal injury claim. He communicates very clearly and promptly, and does a wonderful job simplifying the procedures and requirements. I am very grateful for his guidance and support through some trying times. He's a tireless advocate for his clients, and I would highly recommend him to others."

- David A.

"Tom Champion, of Valent Legal,  handled our sensitive case with outstanding professionalism, guiding us through every step with patience and grace. The sensitivity and respect he showed toward us never wavered throughout the long process. In spite of some daunting challenges he skillfully negotiated a successful settlement, but more importantly he succeeded in restoring us emotionally as well. Tom has earned our loyalty and we sincerely recommend him to others who may be in need of legal services."

- Rob P.

"I've never dealt with a lawyer before but I'm very impressed, they made it very easy and simple. I'm very happy with my settlement and I appreciate all they've done."

- Adam O.

"The team at Valent Legal are very down to earth and very easy to talk. They were really good at getting back to me when I needed their help. I was really comfortable with them and I'd recommend them to anybody going through a hard time or needing help with injuries. They're the greatest!"

- Guilia D.

"Valent Legal eliminated a lot of the hassle and simplified the process for me. It was a long two years but thanks to Valent Legal, I got my life back together again and I'm quite happy with the settlement I received."

- Scott M.

"Mike made the process very easy. He was very passionate about my case, I felt important and that I was being listened to. I felt like he was going to give me the justice I deserve. I was very happy with the way my case ended. I got more than I was expecting, it was amazing!"

- Courtney M.

“Mike spent years helping me with my case. He was always very approachable and this made a very stressful case less hard on me than it could have been. He's just a nice guy and I felt comfortable with him.”

- Stacey B.

“I highly recommend Mike to anyone in need of a good lawyer. He's smart and works hard but is really down-to-earth. He's helped me out for things that go beyond my case and I appreciative that very much.”

- Robert B.

“Thanks a lot for all your help. Didn't know where to turn and didn't think a settlement was possible (even though I was badly injured). You worked hard and the results you got me speak for themselves. I recommend you to all my friends. Thanks again! ”

- Kathy S.

“I was a victim of childhood abuse. This was very difficult for me to talk about for many years. I told no one what happened to me but I knew it was wrong. Mike was one of the first people I talk to about this. He was patient and understanding. The help he provided me goes beyond the lawsuit we successfully did together. Today I am a strong and confident woman and Mike has lots to do with that.”

- Hariett J.

“I was hit by a car and it left me in bad shape. I didn't want to get a lawyer to help me because I had other health issues and didn't want to make a big deal out of it all. Mike explained to me what was relevant and what wasn't. He did all the work with the insurance companies and lawyers and made the experience actually a pleasant one. It was great to get to know him on a personal level. Highly recommended.”

- Colleen W.

“When I hear people complain about their lawyers, I feel lucky I hired Mike to help me after my car accident. He was always there for me and helped me through some hard times. He listened and seemed to understand. Even though my case settled a long time ago, I still call him to chat or if I have any other issues. And he still always makes time for me years later.”

- Gerri M.

“I didn’t have any experience with lawyers before my car accident. I was nervous to reach out for help but I knew from my first conversation with Mike that it was a good idea I did. He explained everything so I could understand it and was on the ball the whole time. He helped me settle out of court and the settlement has allowed me to move on with my life despite my injuries.”

- B. Smith

“My case was complex. I think this would scare a lot of lawyers away but Mike took the case and worked hard for me from day one. He did more for my case in a short time than the lawyers I had before did in 10 times the time. He's also really easy to talk to which I appreciate.”

- Dave C.

“I was involved in a car accident that I thought was straight-forward. I was rear-ended and the other guy was at fault. I soon realized that the insurance company didn't think it was as clear-cut as me. I wondered about whether to bother with a lawyer but I'm glad I did. Mike took the guess-work out of it all. He did the heavy-lifting and got me a settlement quicker and better than I thought.”

- Matthew T.

“I became a client of Mike Dull through the good recommendation of a partner from another local firm and I am genuinely glad to have heeded that advice following my accident. Mike is an affable lawyer who clearly enjoys what he does; rather more importantly, he is also very good at what he does. Mike has the experience and finesse of working with clients who have received a wide range of injuries (including traumatic brain injuries) and this is evident in Mike's interactions with myself in the years in which he represented my case: friendly, easy to contact, readily provides information and clarification of any questions / issues involving the case, and empathy. Mike also possesses a professional and auspicious vigor in dealing with my case which I have found to be both heartening and encouraging. I highly recommend him as a lawyer representing those with injuries following an accident.”

- Jennifer M.