Elizabeth Fry Society


One of the mission statements at Valent Legal is to do what we can to help marginalized or underserved communities. We know the statistics; that when we fail oppressed and victimized individuals, they are at significantly higher odds of incarceration or addiction.

We have read the statistics and have served traumatized individuals first-hand. This lead us to feeling compelled into action and look to join forces with organizations with a track record of creating measurable results. This lead to our partnership with the Elizabeth Fry Society.

Imagine the remarkable improvement to underserved communities when a partnership extends beyond the dotted line into a mission for social justice and change. We have observed tangible improvement in the lives of our province’s most vulnerable women and children who have powerful, compassionate, and dedicated allies in the Elizabeth Fry Society and Valent Legal.  This trailblazing partnership is redefining how companies and non-profit organizations can impact cultural and social institutions when they operate in tandem.