Driving Technologies Hope to Reduce Accidents and Injuries

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Our injury lawyers help Nova Scotians who find themselves injured in car accidents. We deal with many severe injuries and resulting disabilities each week. Luckily, experts are actively working toward accident recovery through advanced driver technology.

We knowing first-hand how common human error/negligence is.

We see many unfortunate injuries, typically resulting from driver negligence. Therefore, we always pay close attention to advancements in car technologies. This research is in hope that they will make driving safer and one day eliminate car accident injuries altogether.

Since most folks don’t follow car safety trends as closely as we do, we want to share a some of the more interesting emerging technologies aimed at improving car safety:

Facial Recognition Software

This new technology is starting to appear on reasonably priced cars sold in Canada. It measures a driver’s level of alertness and warns the driver when it senses they are not paying attention to the road. While this sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, experts expect this technology to become standard equipment in cars within the next five years.

External Airbags

Airbags have a significant impact on the severity of injuries in crashes for the occupants of a vehicle. However, automobile makers are now looking at ways to use the same idea to help protect pedestrians and animals who may collide with the vehicle, by fitting airbags externally. Although this technology is in active testing and research mode, there are early signs of its success. For instance, the new Land Rover Discovery deploys an airbag on its windshield to soften impact if its sensor indicates a pedestrian is hit.

Intelligent Speed Assistance

This system ensures that vehicles do not cross the legal speed limits. It monitors vehicle location via GPS. This allows the system to calculate speeds based on distance. It then links to a database that determines the speed limit for that particular area. If it senses that the driver is about to cross the prescribed limit, it will issue an audio and visual warning. The system also is able to create a speed limiter program. This mechanism will automatically cut the fuel supply, to slow the car down. This technology is sure to ease the minds of parents of teenage drivers!

These technologies offer exciting improvements in driver safety, however, until they become common place, continue to drive safe everyone!


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