Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Nova Scotia

Motorcycles are extremely popular form of transportation in Halifax and the rest of Nova Scotia. But they are a frequent sources of serious injuries when accidents happen. Car accidents and motorcycle accidents have similar legal issues. The main difference between the two forms of accidents is that a motorcycle driver is often more critically injured and statistics show that when a motorcycle driver is injured on the road in an accident, it is more likely to have been caused by a negligent driver, rather than the rider of the motorcycle.

Like car accidents, the legal issues when a driver is injured in a motorcycle accident will involve laws around traffic safety (like the Motor Vehicle Act), in assessing negligence; and issues around compensation for things like pain and suffering, loss of income and medical expenses. Each car accident is different and no two motorcycle accidents are ever the same. They occur in different situations and the resulting injuries and impacts will be different as well.

Because a motorcycle accident makes the driver at risk to suffer such traumatic injuries, resulting in a significant impact on one’s life, it is recommended that they seek help or guidance from an experienced personal injury lawyer. The lawyer will be able to help the accident victim through the legal issues surrounding a claim, like:

  • Arranging insurance funding for the costs of personal injuries, including medical expenses that have been incurred. This insurance payments can also be for ongoing medical care, rehabilitation therapy, in-home daily medical care and any pharmaceuticals that may be required.
  • Addressing property damage, which is damage to the motorcycle that was involved in the accident and personal property that was lost or destroyed.
  • Negotiating fair compensation for pain and suffering will also be included in the litigation issues of a motorcycle accident and this does not only include the pain from injuries, but the emotional pain from being involved in the accident and fear that can accompany this type of injury.
  • Making sure that any past and future loss of income is fairly compensated by the insurance company. This can include not only the loss of earning due to the injuries from the motorcycle accident, but also future earnings, vacation and sick leave and other benefits.

These finer points are complex and can be very difficult for someone that is not an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to recover fair compensation after they have been injured. It is experience and knowledge of the law that will allow the motorcycle accident lawyer to protect the rights of the injured rider, for both current and future medical costs, pain and suffering, along with wages that have been lost.

Negligence of the driver that has caused motorcycle accident in Halifax Nova Scotia, for example, should be held responsible and their insurance company should be held responsible for their actions. The most effective way for the injured motorcycle rider to hold this driver responsible and to recover compensation from their insurance company is by allowing an experienced personal injury lawyer to handle the complex litigation issues that can arise. Having this type of protection for your rights allows the victim to begin healing without the worry and stress of financial issues.


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