New Laws for Canada in 2020 to be Aware Of

Electric Scooter on Sidewalk in Halifax

With the start of a new year and a new decade, there have been some significant changes in Nova Scotia’s laws that the team at Valent Legal believes everyone should be aware of.

From electric scooters to distracted driving fines, and significant changes to the rules surrounding harassment in the workplace; here are some of the most important updates and legal changes that you should be aware of for 2020.

New E-Scooter Laws for Nova Scotia, Canada

E-scooters offer both convenience and an effective way of lowering our carbon footprint while getting around. In fact, Halifax will be getting 30 e-scooters to the Waterfront thanks to Segway Nova Scotia, according to news sources.

While e-scooters are becoming more widely available across Nova Scotia and all of Canada, it also means the chance for more accidents on our roads. The Associated Press reports that the increase in electric scooters has also meant an increase in the number of injuries and even fatalities.

Novice riders, crowded roads, and negligence on behalf of riders and motorists can all lead to serious accidents. Scrapes and broken bones aren’t the only injuries that medical professionals are seeing as a result of these accidents. Many people involved in e-scooter accidents can end up sustaining a concussion or even traumatic brain injury. Whether colliding with a car, tree, or just bailing off when there is a bump in the road, e-scooter injuries can be serious.

A Halifax personal injury lawyer with the Valent Legal team can help you navigate the court system if you’ve been injured as a result of an e-scooter accident in Nova Scotia. Don’t be saddled with huge out of pocket costs after a serious e-scooter accident. Our legal team can help you seek compensation for your losses.

New Fines for Distracted Driving

Distracted driving continues to be a significant problem on our roads. Texting while driving and making phone calls are still some of the most common reasons that drivers become distracted behind the wheel.

According to numbers from Canada’s National Collision Database, in one recent year, distracted driving contributed to 21 percent of fatal crashes and 27 percent of serious injuries. The CAA estimates that economic losses caused by distracted driving-related health care costs and lost productivity in the workplace amount to at least $10 billion annually.

In an effort to combat distracted driving, Nova Scotia implements fines for drivers who text and use hands-free devices. The fine for a first offense is now $233.95, a third offense results in a fine of $578.95 and an additional four demerit points on conviction. A number of other provinces have followed suit making the penalties for distracted driving much stiffer underscoring the danger distracted driving poses on our roads.

There is never an excuse for driving while distracted. If you have been injured as a result of a negligent distracted driver in Halifax, contact our car accident lawyers at Valent Legal. We offer a free, no-obligation case evaluation to review the circumstances of your accident. A moment’s distraction can cause you a lifetime of pain. You deserve to be compensated for your injuries, time away from work, and the changes that will impact the way you live your life.

New Rules to Address Workplace Harassment

You should never have to face any time of harassment in the workplace, sexual, bullying, or otherwise. Period. The year 2020 ushers in new workplace harassment regulations that will force companies to reexamine how they handle harassment in the workplace.

Bill C-65 as outlined in the Financial Post is the real catalyst for change when it comes to addressing harassment in the workplace. The new law seeks to require employers to not only identify the risks of harassment but to also implement measures to prevent harassment in the first place. Employers will also have to designate a person to receive harassment complaints and respond appropriately.

The measure also makes prevention training mandatory for employees, and that includes managers and supervisors as well. That means employees higher up the hierarchy do not get a free pass and must participate the same as everyone else. The federal government estimates that to implement all the new regulations over the next decade, it will cost employers close to $840 million.

A study on harassment in Canadian workplaces estimates that 19 percent of women and 13 percent of men have reported being the target of some type of workplace harassment. That harassment could be sexual, verbal abuse, humiliating behavior, and even physical violence. However, many cases can go unreported for fear of retaliation.

The Nova Scotia sexual assault lawyers at Valent Legal can help you fight back against harassment in the workplace. You don’t deserve to feel like a victim every time you walk through the door at work. We understand that speaking up is the hardest part when you feel ready, contact our team for a free case evaluation.

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