Shelia W.

“When you need advice or legal representation, where do you go? Well I had a situation that I needed advice with and I didn’t know who to call either. I did a search and up popped “Valent Legal” though why not cause you can ask questions and it was free lol

I came to know one of the lawyers at the firm by phone and told him (Phil Moreira) about my situation and I needed advice. I know you are all thinking that goes everything that maybe coming to me cause I said the word “Lawyer ” …. at Valent Legal, he listened to me, we conversed in email or over the phone. He treated me as an individual and not just a person that was going to get money from because he was taking a case. He asked me lots of questions and I did the same, if you don’t understand then ASK questions so that you understand! Phil was prompt on returning my calls or emails and did mind the many questions I would have asked. He explained to me the many sides of the situation I was in and what sort of outcome it may or may not result in. When you have a person with so much knowledge and information at your side it is appreciated cause you know if anything arises, you can call and ask him or his colleagues! They treat you like part of their family and you are taken care of. Thank you Phil and for all your work and listening. Now I can say, I have people and I know who to call for advise. Customer Service and understanding is top rate Thanks again Phil!”

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